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Static website pages are frequently HTML documents put away as records in the record framework and made accessible by the web worker over HTTP (all things considered URLs finishing with ".html" are not generally static). Nonetheless, free translations of the term could incorporate site pages put away in a data set, and could even incorporate pages designed utilizing a layout and served through an application worker, as long as the page served is constant and introduced basically as put away. Static website pages are appropriate for content that never or infrequently should be refreshed, however current web format frameworks are evolving this. Keeping up with huge quantities of static pages as records can be unreasonable without computerized devices, like static site generators. Another approach to oversee static pages is online gathered source code jungle gyms, for example GatsbyJS and GitHub might be used for moving a WordPress webpage into static web pages. Any personalization or intelligence needs to run customer side, which is restricting.

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